Focus Digital Collectibles
An NFT project that will introduce Cardano to a conscious approach to work.
About Us
Focus DC is a CNFT Collection with art inspired by the lo-fi girl vibes.

We're developing an increasing productivity browser extension called FocusFlow that will be accessible for holders of Focus Digital Collectible.

Verify your ownership and use the full functionality of our service to work more productively.

FocusFlow offers 6 productivity features: Pomodoro-timer, to-do list, website blocker, workflow tracker and a rewarding system. Check out the demo video on twitter/discord.

Focus Flow
What is FocusFlow?

It is the productivity-based browser extension developed exclusively for Focus DC holders.

The all-in-one FocusFlow allows you not only to use Pomodoro-timer, but also to manage tasks and distractions, block websites of your choice, and track your worktime to get the rewards!

Verify your ownership and use the full functionality of our service in 1 step.

FF Functions
To-do list
Allows you to write down all tasks before setting pomodoro-timer

Divides your workflow into high-focused chunks

Website Blocker
Limits you from visiting websites that you decide

Distractions Tracker
Allows you to write down all distractions you got, while using Pomodoro-timer, so you can do these tasks later

Workflow Tracker
Allows you to track all your working statistics and get rewards for reaching goals.
Rewards of FF

Workflow Tracker monitors all you time spent on work. You can set goals and achieve them to get the FocusFlow rewards.

What are the rewards?

  • WhiteList for the next Focus DC projects
  • Mint Discount for the next Focus DC projects
  • New FocusFlow features
  • Many more rewards soon!

The list will be updating through our development, so stay tuned for the announcement is our Twitter and Discord!

It's time to #GetFocused
“You may delay, but time will not.”
― Benjamin Franklin
Meet Our Leaders
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make holders happy and satisfied
  • just_matthew#5588
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Mostly work on content with Ivastasia, raising public awareness about procrastination and making sure that F2E concept will help as much people as possible.
  • Wyvern#3460
    Chief Executive Officer
    She is the mother of our main goals and values. She found the core members of our team and helped them to show their unique talents in the work process.
  • goodsoup#7666
    Community Manager
    Funniest and kindest guy in our project. He is in charge of our daily discord and twitter communications. Always here to help you.
  • Dope Minister#0001
    Co-Founder and Investor
  • Ivаstasia#9159
    Art Director
    Ivastasia takes care of everything you can see. She spent five years in university learning visual communication. She uses her knowledge to make the world a little more beautiful.
  • AlliN#9068
    Chief Сommunications Officer
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